As with all our services all work is carried out to the very highest standards using only qualified and experienced personnel.

All components are first visually checked for defects before being straightened using a hydraulic tube straightener specifically designed and manufactured by ourselves for the repair of system scaffolding.

Once straightened any components which have been damaged on site are precisely measured and reduced to the next available size, whenever possible, using a bench mounted carbide tipped cut off saw on our own custom jig.  This gives every tube a perfect 90 degree cut and eliminates all rough edges and burs leaving a smooth finish and perfect fit to the tubes.

Any standard which has been reduced in size will then need to be drilled to be able to fix in a new spigot.  This is again accomplished on a jig so as to ensure all the holes are in the correct positions and align correctly with the holes in the spigots.  In turn the spigots can either be bolted or welded in place in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.